Makers Market at the Blues Festival 2023

The Makers Market is at the Blues Festival this year!

Saturday, May 27th 2023

We will be at Gough Park from 11:00am to 8:30pm!

Come visit all the wonderful artists, crafters, and creators from your local Makers Market down at the Blues Festival this year!

These artists work hard to support their businesses through community members like you!

Future Forge Makerspace

The Creators of the Makers Market

Future Forge Makerspace is honored to feature our local makers, creators, and artisans at this years Blues Festival and every weekend in the Main Street Plaza in beautiful downtown Silver City! Join us every Saturday from 10am to 2pm, May 6th through October 28th! See you there!

Turn Again Products

Linda Ewers

I just enjoy playing with fabric. Since retirement I’ve gotten pretty attached to my sewing machine. I guess what I do can be called repurposing: trying new things and giving what others see as scraps or unusable a new life. 

Val In Real Life

Val Weston

Val is a photographer and digital artist based in Silver City, New Mexico. She creates text graphic designs that bring humor to our lives and uses modern digital tools to reinterpret her original photography. Her photographic conversions often evoke watercolor or oil painting styles as well as vibrant, grungy, selective-color composites and abstracts. 

Burro Mountain Studio

Kim Muller

Natural gemstone jewelry that reflects the spirit of the natural world. 

Eraeon Designs

Erin Rae

Eraeon Designs offers up-cycled and original designs in clothing, accessories and home decor. Focusing in textile collage inspired by nature, outer-space and psychedelia, Eraeon creates unique wearable art pieces rich in texture, shape and color that are instantly recognizable. 

Carmen Ruiz

Carmen Ruiz

Carmen is a trained professional studio artist and bilingual art educator. She works mainly in printmaking and art photography, and is often inclined to combine the two disciplines with graphic design, painting, and drawing on a variety of surfaces for unique mixed-media results.

For the Blues Fest, Carmen will be displaying her original art prints on a variety of Fine Art papers as well as her fun and colorful original fish prints. Ruiz sews 100% cotton items for home and wear. She then hand prints them with a real fish in the traditional Japanese manner of GyoTaku.

Silver Linings Studio & Garden

Sally Tilton

Sally Tilton prefers play over work.  She plays at creating small affordable crafts and art works. She is a mixed media artist.

Collage, Paper Mache, and Neurographic Drawings

Blythe Spirit-Wearable Art

Blythe Whitely

Hand Painted Wearable Art i.e.:  cotton, rayon and silk clothing and scarves, framed silk paintings and  banners/wall hangings, ceramics (mugs and sculptures mostly) lamp work glass beads and jewelry made of same. She also makes the beads.

George South

Hi There! Let me introduce myself. I'm George & with my daughter Christainia, & our friend Ashley are long time gem miners, cutters, and artists. You may have heard of our gem work a long with Leather & Beadwork. 

From an early age, George was inspired to collect rocks with his grandmother Olive. George felt right at home in the Nevada desert , it was every bit the same as she descript it! I am so fortunate to accompany to have my granddaughter on this amazing journey. I have been mining & cutting stone for some 60 plus years, here in my studio in Silver City, New Mexico. Our job, (huge gratitude!) is to bring BEAUTY, the beauty of our precious earth, to YOU! As such, we make it a point in everything we do to walk in beauty, hoping the little bits of joy we bring out will, in some way, help to make our world a better place. Read more about how we care… We created Esmeralda Turquoise Company to showcase the many different turquoise, variscite, and related minerals we mine and work with. We specialize in natural stone from the American Southwest. You will find high-quality cabochons, fine quality calibrated stones, collector stones, rough materials, and once in a while a few special pieces of jewelry. 

Art by KGH

Ken Hadlock

I am a Digital Artist. What that means is that I venture forth out into the world with my trusty Nikon. Whilst out there I capture all manner of images that catch my eye. Then I use Photoshop and all manner of plug-ins to slice, dice, contort, morph, and twist the pixels I obtained into something new and / or beautiful and/or different. 

The results are then printed onto various surfaces and offered for your enjoyment. My main website for promotion currently is more artwork is at 

ARTifact Gifts

Kit West

Primarily a poet, I aim to combine poetry and art to express the moment of connection with nature, myself, my people and the divine. 

These pieces are about rebirth and renewal.  Raven Angel 1 (on the right) is about the female in the animal or the animal in the female and won first place in its category at the GCAG Creatures of the Gila 2022 exhibit.  Raven Angel 2 depicts the dark giving birth to the light, the raven giving birth to flowers and butterflies and bees. 

Manning-Lewis Studios

Paula Manning-Lewis

Paula lives to be creative. Whether she’s painting on canvas, vinyl records, recycling beat-up guitars, painting large scale murals or teaching paint parties. Art is her purpose; spreading love, joy and peace is her goal. Art isn’t only something she does, it is a spiritual expression from the deepest part of her soul. She is constantly aware of her intuition and enjoys trying out new forms of creative expression.


Joshanna Bush and Randi Halperin-Olson

Wild Whacky Whimsical Older Women

Making Copper and JOY!

Red Dot Studio

Candace Copeland

Jeweler for 35 years. In the collection of Steven Tyler. “One of a kind” custom jewelry. Photo Magic images of Silver City. Paintings of Jazz greats and the Blues. 

Creative Fusion

Deb Walker

The stones tell their stories through each creation. The sterling silver follows closely behind . Each piece is different but all have a Southwestern feeling.

Catalina Claussen

Catalina Claussen is an award-winning young adult novelist, poet, and short story author who carries on a love affair with the land, language, and people of southwest New Mexico. She lives with her dog and tends a prolific garden on a ranch in the Mimbres Valley. 

Gila Art & Jewelry

Jeannine Weiner

Gila Art & Jewelry brings a combination of artistic note cards and prints, hand made wire wrapped stones, beaded bracelets, earrings and more. All with a southwest flare that is inspired by natures creativity here in the Gila Wilderness. 

Studio 3.17

Sean and Mindy Geary

Studio 3.17 is a collaboration of husband and wife team Sean and Mindy Geary.  Sean's artistic focus is in photography, while Mindy's passion is art quilts and mixed media.

Outsider Art

Mar Heifner

 I strive to create art from commonly discarded materials, in my quest to help reduce waste. It’s an exciting challenge to make something beautiful (and oftentimes functional) from what most would consider “trash.”

Globe Galleria

Lorie Ranker

Lorie The Nomad Art and handmade goods are travel inspired, often using recycled materials. Lorie creates dramatic desert landscapes with vibrant inks on wood. Her jackets are upcycled, RE-imangined and hand stitched. The dream journals, sketchbooks, little boxes, candles are all passion projects with colorful textiles, wood burned and leather accents. 

Julie Bailey Jewelry

Julie Bailey

I create mostly one of a kind jewelry using authentic turquoise, semi-precious gemstones, sterling and pure silver. Unique leather wrap bracelets are a specialty of mine, including etched silver designs; all with a Southwest vibe. 

Metal Mysterium

Steven Anderson

Metalsmith turned mystic, Steven uses astrology and the mystic sciences to create personalized pieces of jewelry (talismans) to help clients embrace their own innate power. You can book astrology and tarot readings and order premade or custom jewelry in downtown Silver City at 211 W Yankie Street or online at 

Adriana's Kustoms

Adriana Barragan

BoxCar Stickers

Damien Davies

Boxcar Stickers is a local printing company specializing in high quality all weather stickers, Prints, magnets and more.  

Silver City Tye Dye Company

Brenda Holzinger and Lenny Giusti

They Call The Wind, Mariah

Mariah Walker

COLOR, COLOR, COLOR!!! I am best known for the explosion of color and expressive animal faces that I incorporate into my original mixed media pieces.  This year, I've taken a detour and have been experimenting with new materials and letting my creativity go free. To see more: (1) Look What the Wind Blew In | Facebook 

High Lonesome Hemp

Jeffrey Castillo

High Lonesome Hemp LLC is a family owned hemp farm located in Silver City, NM. We are dedicated to growing and processing High quality CBD flower. All of our products are grown, processed, and packaged in Silver City, New Mexico. 

Dancing Bear Jewelry

Ann Reily

I'm Dancing Bear Jewelry

Art Jewelry crafted from sterling silver, copper and natural stones!

Earrings, spinner rings, and pendants!

Motto: Life is a dance, enjoy it!

High Desert Dreamer

Tina Salmon

I’ve been a weaver for thirty-one years and a self taught knitter since 2004. My work is whimsical, unique and accessible to people of all ages. I have a studio in the high desert of Gila, NM where I am surrounded by magnificent mountains, rivers, big skies and abundant wildlife. 

Laura Ramnarace

Laura Ramnarace

Laura is an author and artist who works in a variety of media including beads, crochet, and stained glass and tile mosaic. Each piece is a unique exploration of form, color, texture, and style. Her Sung Home trilogy is a story of the loss of a doomed way of life and a second chance for humanity. 

The Tinker's Daughter

Marcia Tinker

The Tinker's Daughter featuring -

Unique Fashions . Jewelry . Artifacts

Reimagined . Recycled . Repurposed

Elizabeth Ford

Elizabeth Ford

Originally from Arkansas, I have been making and selling jewelry for many years. However, recently watercolor painting has become my passion, especially scenes of New Mexico's historical sites. I sell prints of various sizes and am honored to reside here now and to keep discovering what inspires me. 

Frank and Hilary

Frank Deangelis and Hilary Klein

We are artists vending stationary, stickers, prints, and our originals of Southwest and urban style artwork.

John Glass Fine Art

John Glass

Electing a few art classes throughout his education, John did not pursue his talents until 1995, when he began enrolling into various work shops around Indiana. Over the years John has been accepted into art competitions in Indiana, Florida and New Mexico, recently receiving Signature membership in the New Mexico Watercolor Society.

John currently lives near the Florida

Mountains outside of Deming, NM, along with his wife Jocelyn and their 13 year old Scottish terrier, Bubba. 

“Watercolor is a great teacher of suffering the consequences of poor planning.” “Learning to plan your

work well ahead of time can be a perfect disciplinarian when it comes to watercolor.” “It can also be the most

spontaneous rewarding exercise in creativity that a person can partake.” “ No other medium is able to capture the

blends, transparencies, skies, clouds and welcomed mistakes afforded to the watercolor artist.”

Vibe Hair Studio

Jennifer Rivera

Glitter tattoos, face painting and jewels and hair extensions!



La Bella Terra art

Ann Alexander

I've been an artist in one form or another all my life.  I'm fascinated by the process of bringing imagination to form.  

I use natural materials to create southwestern and native american inspired original art. 

Cindy Carlson

Incredible Paintings and Crocheted Creations!

Tumbling Goat

Lisa Crowder

I have called myself a Crazed Creator. I focus primarily on fiber arts and anything I can make with natural materials I find in the Gila Wilderness. Naturally dyed yarns, amigurumi (crocheted toys), jewelry, organic art, wind chimes, fairy houses... 

New Benchways

Deborah and Arnold

New Benchways makes garden and indoor decorative benches from recycled chairs and headboards.  It's a family affair with Arnold doing all the sanding and reconstruction and Deborah doing the painting and decorating.   We hand finish and paint each bench as one of a kind.

Rambling Ropes

Maegan Swari

Natural Dyed Macrome

Marti Lew

I'm a textile/fiber artist with an environmental conscience currently working with upcycled clothing.  I have a new line for this spring and summer I have labeled Avant-garde soft grunge.  My techniques include deconstruction, rusting and boro stitching among others. 

Kneeling Nun Soapworks

Jocelin and DeWayne

Kneeling Nun Soapworks is owned and operated by Jocelin & DeWayne Ross.  Jocelin is a disabled Veteran and New Mexico native, born in Carlsbad, NM.  Jocelin served 23 years in the US Air Force. DeWayne is a US Army combat Veteran and native born in Artesia, NM.

After years of living around our great Nation and being stationed around the world, Jocelin & DeWayne decided to return home to the enchanted state of New Mexico. Rich in culture, heritage and history.  There’s truly no place like home! 

Spicy Me Foods

Shanon and Chrystal Muehlhausen

Specialty spice blends for memorable meals. Add Spicy Me to transform fresh ingredients into gourmet, international dinners.

Stella Luna Candles

Lisa Cramp

Stella Luna Candles & Natural Products makes all sorts of natural products here in Silver City, NM.

 I handcraft Organic Soy based, Essential Oil Candles  that can be used as warm moisturizer. We also handcraft Organic & Natural products such as a body balm, scrubs, deodorant, bug spray, hand sanitizer, a pain salve & more. Stella Luna Candles can be found on Etsy or IG #stellalunalite

Mark SChiba

Cigar Box Guitars and other crafts!

Inspirations made by Love

Cathie and Teneal

Mystic Dreams

Gabrielle Alamaraz

Wicked Faleena Leather co.

Jennika Finch

Leatherwork and beadwork including: belts, shoes, purses, wallets, custom work, and jewerly! 

Jewelry By Jayden and Tara

Jayden Jones and Tara O'Niell

Jewelry by Jayden specializes in handmade $5 earrings, buy 3 get one free, but there’s plenty more to look at: necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more!!

Handmade Beaded and Wire-Wrapped Gifts by Tara O'Neill   

Kelly Johnson

A calling to the mystical, magical Southwest drew me from the East Coast. I found the beloved little town of Silver City - full of kindred creative spirits and beautiful inspiration!!

Come see my eclectic mix of paintings, fiber arts, leather creations, copper jewelry, and who knows what else!!