Two steps to becoming a member

  1. First Step: Come on in and check out the space!
    • Get a feel for the amazing community space we have and sign up at all at the same time!
    • See which tools will be accessible for new members and which tools will require training to use.
  2. Second Step: after signing up, you must attend our members orientation. This will take about an hour to get a feel for the space and how to use any tools in your safety level. As of now the member orientations will be conducted with each new member as they come to the space for the first time.

Membership Tiers

Here at Future Forge we have multiple tiers of memberships to keep things accessible.

  • $45 Month-to-Month Membership
  • $25 Member Family Discount
  • $20 Starving Hacker (4 hrs of Volunteering required)
  • $475 Year Membership(12% off)
  • $45 Sponsor a Membership