Announcing Our Reopening

May 26th, 2020

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well and ready to dig into those projects you have been waiting to complete! We will be reopening Tuesday, June 2nd with a new and temporary schedule to ensure a quiet and uncrowded work space until further notice.

Our doors will be open

Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 am until 3 pm

We are very excited to be opening with a variety of new tools for members, in a clean and reorganized workplace ready for utilization. We have rearranged the stations to follow state and CDC guidelines and are respecting the governor’s request to use PPE in the shop to ensure our community’s safety. Speaking of which, we have moved our PPE production into a new facility in order to reopen with full use of the building.

Members! Be sure to stop in and check out the new space! We are working on a key fob integration for our members to allow access to the space beyond the new shop hours listed, so if you haven’t signed up as a member, be sure to contact us and get signed up ASAP!

If you haven’t already, click the link to join our Discord channel to stay updated on what’s going on at the Forge and stay connected with other makers. Stay well and we will see you all soon!

Shifting Gears

May 20th, 2020

This year's community fundraiser, Silver City’s Give Grandly, has come and gone. We were fortunate enough to participate and felt a lot of support from our community through their generosity. Here is a short video we have created for the Give Grandly event. It highlights what we are, what we have done, and what we plan to do. If you feel that you too would like to donate to our space, just click here. We have also been featured in the Las Cruces Sun News and New Mexico Magazine.

We are continuing our efforts to provide PPE to the community but have moved our production area to begin organization for our upcoming reopening. As for the space, we are rearranging in order to compensate for new stations and tools, as we plan on opening back up with a very exciting new array of equipment.

We will be posting another update very promptly to announce our reopening date and the new guidelines we will be implementing at the shop in order to keep our members and community safe! Stay healthy during these times, and please feel free to join our discord to keep us connected while we are apart.

COVID-19 Medical Response Update

April 6th, 2020

Since the start of this PPE production on March 30th, we have successfully Produced close to 300 face shields for our local healthcare facilities, including Bayard health center, Silver Healthcare, Gila Regional Medical Center, and HMS. It has been a productive first week of April here at Future Forge. We have been doing our best to provide PPE to local health care facilities, and with the help of our community to make this possible, we have been growing the operation to help as many as we can. We have been working on creating a sterile, safe space to produce this equipment by implementing strict cleanliness requirements prior to entering our production room including removing outer layers of clothing and shoes, and wearing masks and gloves during assembly. The list of equipment we are producing include respirator shells, hands free door hooks, face shields, isolation gowns, and replacement plastic parts. With a much more finely tuned work space and organized assembly line, we are producing approximately 30 face shields a day!

Recently, we were featured on KURU Gila-Mimbres Community Radio in one of their daily COVID-19 updates:

We were also featured in the Silver City Daily Press:

As well as the Grant County Beat:

We want to give a special thanks to everyone that has donated to our cause, whether monetary or through supplies, we are appreciative of our communities efforts to protect one another! Together we are stronger and with each other's support we will continue to stay ahead of the spread. Times are hard right now, so it is important to remember, there is no illusion greater than fear. Take care of one another and stay well!

COVID-19 Medical Response

March 30th, 2020

Health care providers in our area informed us it is no longer possible to get certain PPE items that are necessary to prevent staff from contracting Covid-19. The members and makers at your local maker space, Future Forge in Silver City, have begun to take part in the national call to makers to produce prototype PPE items that can be made and used locally with easy to obtain materials. We are still in need of support for this endeavor so if you can help, please donate to the cause at

Future Forge is working with teachers and professors from local schools and the university to produce this equipment for health care providers. Local teacher, Ayshford Heneghan, Is helping spearhead PPE research and design for makers at Future Forge community makerspace to produce these pieces of equipment. We are organizing to be able to produce large quantities upon request and also network with other communities to set up local production in other cities. This process is efficient and can be done with less than 5 people, following government sanctions. These are "non medical devices" as they are not inspected or approved by any government body, but similar items have been inspected and are currently in use under emergency provisions at hospitals and testing in other sites such as New York, Washington, and California.

Covid-19 Temporary Closure:

March 19th, 2020

Future Forge will be closed temporarily as the NM Governor's request for non-essential business to close for a short time applies to us. We will be back as soon as we legally can and deem it safe to do so.

Thank you for supporting us and we hope you continue to do so! We will get through this together!

We have created a public discord channel that we encourage people to join and contribute or just stay up to date! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at